Welcome to the Cooperation Birmingham Forum. Introduce yourself here

Cooperation is the process of groups of people working or acting together for common, mutual, or some underlying benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit.

Who is it for?

This forum is for the working class people of Birmingham to facilitate mutual aid and cooperation.

What can you find here?

Currently out aim is provide a platform to organise response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic will hit the most vulnerable people in society and we must take action to help get through this health crisis.

Read more (links, resources, etc)?

Perhaps use this thread to introduce yourself!

Are there any practical mutual aid initiatives happening in Birmingham around corona virus? Cant seem to find anything on here as yet

I’m also in Birmingham. Happy to get involved.

@JonMorris @Joy stay tuned. We’re going to release a proposal in the next hour or so.

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Hi Sean here - so far involved in the solidarity ktichen fundraiser and also a national mutual aid coordination working group

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Hi everyone, this is Ben. I’m also working on the kitchen campaign and keeping an eye on a few other group chats & projects

Hi all. I’m Jon. Happy to help wherever I can.

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Hi Everybody,

I’m Selina - I live between Wylde Green and Erdington. I’m currently self isolating (just back from travelling and asthmatic, with two vulnerable parents) - so while I can’t be out and about helping, I’d really like to try to support with anything that can be done from behind a computer, and via a phone.


hi I’m Ana, self isolating since friday bc cardiac, land separated from family in Portugal, willing to help in any way remotely, can have to do with either language translation (especially medical field), logistic operations, that can be done via computer and phone. sufficient knowledge of natural treatments, can minister spiritual help.
thank you, be strong and stay safe all

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Hi Everyone, I am Emma from The Scrapstore Birmingham. We are a charity that takes surplus from Birmingham Businesses to use for crafts, arts, create play spaces, please get in touch if you are interested in a craft box drop or play box drop of what we call loose parts - stuff for kids to make and create with. I shall also keep our pinterest page full of ideas for parents at home with children. We are hoping to add content to our U Tube channel with new simple craft ideas for those people at home. If you need resources we are looking into posting boxes out or delivering if we can get some financial support to do this. Just search for The Scrapstore Birmingham. Regards to you all, Emma

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Hi Jon! Thanks for checking in. We want this forum to be able to contribute to Birmingham communities beyond the end of the crisis, so we need as many people contributing as possible :slight_smile: it would be handy to know how people found out about us so we can find out how our outreach is doing,

Hey Selina! I live not far away from you (Perry Barr) so you must let us know if there’s anything you need. There’s a lot of communication work we need to do coming up, so there will definitely be come computer work for you to get stuck into

Hi Ana - likewise, hope you have local support you need. If you haven’t seen it already, you can use our map to find the nearest community mutual aid registry to you (the spreadsheet is being collated by Birmingham Community Solidarity based on their outreach)

Hiya Emma - I love scrapstores, I remember having great fun rummaging at Orinoco in Oxford when I lived there. I was chatting to Artefact in Stirchley yesterday, they were thinking about distributing some creative worksheets to be made into a community tapestry project when things have settled down… if that develops I’ll keep you in the loop because we’ll have lots of reasons (as individual projects) to be going door to door and it makes sense to do a collated package if for instance we’re distributing food to a household with kids.

Hi Ben, that sounds great! We would definitely be able to support that, we have lots of wood, yarn and silks and also loads of white mesh material that would be perfect for tapestry projects! Please feel free to include us in any projects of that nature we are really aware that people will be feeling so consumed by the news and even if only brief, crafting can provide some respite. Is there any chance you can add us to the map? We are still open at our two stores in the city - one in Yardley and one in Jewellery Quarter.

Done :slight_smile: by the way, if anyone else has things to add, anyone can edit the map. I’m just writing a micro tutorial here

Hi, I (Fehm) work with vulnerable people in the city and as you can expect my job has changed a bit to checking in, organising support for them etc. so any info/ any way I can help on getting and making referrals/ general organising please let me know. I’m high risk so am having to take social distancing seriously but am happy to help.

My partner (Ben) is also using this login as we do have a car and are happy to help in any way we can.

Thanks organisers for getting this going!

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Hello! I’m Dylan and I am working on the solidarity kitchen campaign. Lived in south Brum for almost 10 years.
Would love it if some of the folks on this thread could check out other threads on the forum and see what you think! We are having another open meeting by jitsi tomorrow(Sunday) at 5pm. Just forming working groups to get things going!

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Hi everybody! This is Seb. Happy to join the forum! I’m a member of The Warehouse Cafe cooperative and a chef. Gonna take part in kicking off the mutual aid kitchen and running it, so mainly concerned with cooking and food hygiene but not necessarily limited just to these 2 fields :slight_smile: Together we’re strong!


Hey everyone. Sorry it took me a while to get round to joining the forum. Am probably going to be stuck at home for most of this as I don’t have the best immune system, or stamina for e.g. cycling. Ready to help with things like research, spreadsheets and social media. I genuinely thrive on ‘boring’, repetitive tasks, so send them my way.


Hi Toqueer, looking to help with dropping leaflets to community to let them know about solidarity kitchen, also supporting with delivering food to those in isolation and vanreable. please let me know when the next group meeting will take place. wishing everyone good health.


Hi all, my name is Paul and I am based in south Birmingham. I work for the University and am currently working at home until further notice. I’m not entirely sure if this is helpful but I am a qualified coach and have been for nearly 20 years. This means I’m a damn good listener and can offer advice where appropriate. I’d like to offer a supportive, listening ear if anybody needs it/could benefit from it?