Working Group distribution and tasks

This post is a wiki, and working groups are open. So if you are or would like to be part of a working group, write down your name.

Admin & Outreach

Members: Steph

  • Checking email account regularly
  • Answering emails or redirecting them to other working groups
  • Updating “waiting list” in spreadsheet order

Participants Coordination

Members: Steph? , Sean, Leon

  • Contacting new participants, onboarding them and adding them to the database. Keeping the database updated.
  • Sorting out the rota
  • Confirming shifts in advance and providing rota support for last minute changes (cancellations, etc.)


Members: Carlos

  • Maintenance of the forum, email and other digital platforms used by Cooperation Birmingham
  • Work with other working groups in implementing solutions that might improve processes (e.g. app for participants coordination)

Logistics & Processes

Members: Sergio, Dylan

  • Coordinate operations on a daily basis (current participants coordination)
  • Create and improve processes that allow operations to run smoothly on a daily basis
  • Work out a logistics plan for potential expansion, including interaction between different operations


Members: Ben

  • Manage budget and make payments derived from our operations
  • Develop plan for funds raising according to the needs and principles of Cooperation Birmingham

Communication & Social Media

Members: Mani, Kaeden

  • Keep the social media up to date and use them to support other working groups when needed (e.g. need for participants, fundraising campaign, …)
  • Keep participants mailing group updated and send emails regularly with information about meetings, decisions, etc.

Pinned this topic.

Put me down for the tech WG.

I’m happy to do finance and social media as i do the cafe social media already.


@Carlos @Mani this post is a wiki. You can put down yourselves wherever you like. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am very smart :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Happy to do tech as coordinator.

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@Mani no offence but I think it makes more sense for people to write themselves for things they are already doing and involved in. For example you are already doing a lot of work for filling the rota so would fit better in participant coordination. Unless you want to stop doing that completely but that would be difficult as most of the others aren’t able to committ much time or don’t have as much knowledge about it.

Also, there is already a social media WG with a Whatsapp chat that Kae is running which you and @Sergio aren’t involved in so far. That group has Kae, Sean, Seb, Ciara and some newer participants too so quite big already.

If you joined for the newsletter I think this needs to be a seperate venture or it’s own WG really because it will take quite a few of us working on different aspects of it.

Also we might need to deliberately seek out 1-2 people for the admin role tbh because it doesn’t seem like it’ll be filled organically. I think if a couple people had this as their main/only task it wouldn’t be too difficult.

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I was joining only for the newsletter, but I can remove myself and keep it out of the working group. Maybe as an independent operation?

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I am very happy to do admin, sorting emails is my cup of tea :+1:
(I haven’t been very involved with organising and stuff so far but that’s mainly because I’m not good with group chats, and don’t want to interfere with things unnecessarily :slight_smile: )