Workflow: Testing out a CRM for mutual aid pandemic work

At the tech co-op where I work we’ve been testing out an open source CRM for our business but we’re not really using it.

I have a test instance that we can donate (like the forum and website) to coop brum. We can use it to track the mutual aid work we are doing! this is what it looks like:

An example of creating a contact:

Basically you record any interaction you have with anyone who calls or emails us (or we call/email them). We can have multiple users divided into teams etc.

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I think we should receive requests for support via email and phone.

We can easily setup a email address and then I also have a virtual SIP phone number (an 0121 number) which we can either forward to people’s mobiles who do shifts or they can login it to it on their phones or laptops. Sometimes this can be a little fiddly to setup and I’ve only tested Linux and Android but it is pretty good. I’m assuming you can use the same SIP number on multiple devices.

This is all technically a bit over my head (I have previously used Magento which has CRM elements) but I know we’ll need something like this as otherwise doing it all in a spreadsheet or Google form (current practice for many MA groups) will be an admin disaster.

Hardware-wise how does it go at the cafe, is everyone just using their own laptops? I have an unused laptop I can wipe and donate, the only problem is that the motherboard is faulty so it only runs plugged in, can’t charge.

Are you going to wipe it with Dettol? :rofl:

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