[Withdrawn] Proposal: Donate £700 to the Warehouse Cafe Co-op

Decision size:

Large, maximum consensus sought (see https://forum.cooperationbirmingham.org.u/t/proposal-co-op-brum-decision-making-process/682 )

Proposed change:

The Warehouse Cafe Co-op which hosted our Solidarity Kitchen project is in crisis. Due to the pandemic, they are extremely low on co-op members as many folks left and the cafe loosing money whilst open apart from on big events. The cafe has about £10,000 of unpaid wages that co-op members and other staff are owed.

It’s really important that we attempt to either help the cafe to continue or help it wind down in a positive a way as possible as the cafe is one of the few radical spaces in the city centre and an important base for future Co-operation Birmingham activity. We should donate some of our surplus to the Warehouse Cafe Co-op to use as they see fit.

I propose that we donate £700 to the Warehouse Cafe Co-op which they will invoice for on OpenCollective.

Who is affected:

Co-operation Birmingham and Warehouse Cafe Co-op.

As of time of writing Co-operation Birmingham OpenCollective balance would go down from £1,734.82 to £1,034.82.

Timescale for decision:

We propose 2 weeks to discuss the motion and reach a final proposal by Monday 14th February 2022, followed by 5 days to take votes for a decision by the 18th February 2022. The Warehouse Cafe Co-op can submit an invoice in the meantime which will be approved by Co-op Birmingham depending on the proposal outcome.


I support this in general but is there a plan for the money? We obviously don’t have enough money to solve all the financial problems, so since it’s just a small amount it should be earmarked for (eg) topping up the reduced wages of an worker who would otherwise need to quit altogether; fund extra hours on development work; pay for an otherwise unjustifiable thing that will pay itself off over a few months, etc


There was a discussion about a Coop brum curry before which @Mani mentioned. I would support something along those lines - so that it is clear the projects are linked and what our support is making possible. In general I’m supportive but I don’t think we have so much in the way of funds and think it should work in a way which increases our membership and support as an org.

After chatting with folks about this, I am withdrawing this motion.