Who is in which working group

Finance Working Group

Deals with fundraiser money and how to distribute and also produce finance reports.

Admin and Tech Working Group

Tech stuff. Supporting others with tech.
Riley (admin, not tech)

Outreach Working Group

Contact other coops and groups and maintain relationship. Maybe me (Ben), seems a bit scary though so I would like a lot of assistance Mani, Dylan

Social Media/Promo Working Group

Twitter, Website, Forum. Promote in other ways.

Volunteer Coordination Working Group

Onboarding volunteers, talking about hygiene practices. Explain project and put them in a place & safeguarding guidelines.

Cooking and Cleaning Working Group

Including hygiene and health and safety. Work with volunteers. Headed by chefs.

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I made this post a wiki!

Removed myself from volunteer working group as I am super far behind with work and would prefer to focus on helping with tech working group.