What are the Solidarity Kitchen's operating hours?

I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were on the project’s opening hours?

I’m just not sure it’s sustainable to run the kitchen 7 days a week currently. We will burn out and not be able to review or access how the project is going.

I agree, but I also think there’s people relying on us for their daily hot meal… So it’s a tricky one. I personally think, that if we’re able to distribute workloads evenly (which is not happening now) opening 7 days a week wouldn’t necessarily imply burnout.


Yeh perhaps when some of the new volunteers are on-boarded, it will help.

I think if somehow we could have people working on it only certain days and take ‘days off’ where they won’t be contacted about the project unless emergency then we can make it 7 days a week. I already began imposing this myself - on Friday I muted all the chats (but I did attend the meeting so not completely off!).

Ideally there shouldn’t be a situation where if a certain person drops out for a bit the whole thing comes crashing down. We want to be in a place where we have a wide knowledge base and everyone can do most of the jobs required for day to day running. There might be a few exceptions where a high knowledge level is needed (tech, press work etc.) but we should aim to even things out as much as possible.