We got to move workshop

Hi Cooperation Birmingham,

Not sure who will be receiving this email - we might already know each other but in case not, but I’m part of We Got to Move which is a new training collective weaving together physical strength, collective care, organising strategy, and food power.

I’ve been in touch with Shiri from CTown and they are up for doing a (virtual) workshop about organising a food coop for We Got to Move at our online summer gathering on Sat 28th August.

Shiri actually asked if I could invite folks from CBham to be there and take part, to maximise the collaborative potential of the workshop. What do you think? We are just getting details for the day finalised and will have content and booking info ready to share next week.

Happy to share more info and answer any questions you have.



We Got to Move

This sounds super cool, I have been keeping a bit of an eye on this project and am a fan basically. Did any more details come through?