Warehouse Café and Cycle Coop Birmingham Meeting 29/06/2020

Attendees: Mani, Nzinga, Seb, Xènia, Richard, Ania, Sylvia

Delivery fees / Collection fees
WHC supplier approval process
WHC Stripe Account / CCB stripe
Training/Demo of CC
Ideal/example shift
3rd July Trial

  1. Delivery fees / Collection fees

Richard: CCB using model similar to York

  • 15% commission, £4 order fee from customer;
  • 0% commission for collection at WHC;
  • Figures might have to move slightly, e.g. if numbers don’t work CCB might ask to start taking commission on collection orders placed through CC app. This would enable CCB to keep deliveries running too, so mutually beneficial.
  • CCB will be as transparent as possible with WHC;
  • Non-exploitative model alternative will be something people actively support.
    Xènia: fees can be set and varied according to amount/weight/distance, etc.
    Mani: £4 seems reasonable
  1. WHC supplier approval process

Nzinga: no process for supplier approval as yet

  1. WHC Stripe Account / CCB stripe
    WHC will be in charge of stripe account

  2. Training/Demo of CC
    WHC has full control of own CC page. No need to involve CCB except for support.
    WHC need to set e.g. waiting times for orders: how long to produce.
    ‘Planning’ tab – WHC to update e.g. opening times/ordering times. Set delivery hours.
    Ania: is there a way to cap orders?
    Richard: Can toggle between ‘Normal’ to ‘Rush’ mode to shut orders off temporarily; or close café.
     CCB to look into this

  3. Ideal/example shift
    Pre-orders are preferable for CCB, as allows for correct number of couriers, awareness of routes and timings etc.
    Possibility of doing zonal pricing in future: higher price for further distance.

  4. 3rd July Trial
    15 drops for friends of WHC. CCB has capacity to do 5 drops per hour inside ring road.
    Deliveries will include fish and chips, burger and chips, cakes, beer and wine.
    Licensing: it is WHC’s product so their license applies – CCB don’t need own license.
    Radius: Quality assurance – trial is partly to establish how far we can travel without food depreciating in quality significantly.
    Blame scale: need to ascertain how to apportion blame for things that go wrong. Sam: This is the point of conducting the trial with friends. Any mishaps will be understood.
     WHC to discuss radius of orders after meeting and get back to CCB
     CCB to discuss blame scale and get back to WHC

  5. Restrictions
    Cannot deliver cash in hand: must be done through app.

Covid: will be distanced deliveries, so can deliver to people who have symptoms.

Being member of both coops: Conflict of interest? Seb: possibly step back from pricing discussions etc.?

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