VOLUNTEERS MEETING 08/04/20 @ 6.30pm

If you’ve signed up to be a volunteer you should’ve received an e-mail about a volunteers online meeting at 6.30pm this coming Wednesday 8th April.

Please feel free to come along - we want to use it as an opportunity to meet one another, answer any questions and receive feedback on processes as we know we are far from perfect just yet.


Hi Dylan,

My name is Toqueer Ahmed Quyyam, currently a outraech campaigner with Birmingham friends of the earth.

I would love to come for today 6.30 meeting. please do send me a link on taquyyam@gamil.com, I am interested in supporting with flyer distribution in my area. How can i collect the flyers from, are they done and ready. Please do let me now soon. Thank you.

You should’ve gotten an e-mail? I hoped it had worked, maybe double-check?

The link tonight will be: https://meet.jit.si/BenignBacteriaPlanObnoxiously

Also when you join please mute your microphone and turn off camera initially until it’s your time to speak.

shouldnt we have a list or something to show where people have delivered leaflets as surely it’s a waste of money if delivering in same areas

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Hey sarah, i think this is a good point to think through, but my experience of leafleting (for houses especially) is that it does take repeated leafletting before people start to engage, most people wont read the first one, but when they begin to recognise the 3rd or 4th one that comes through the door thats when they begin to engage because they start wondering what is this thing i keep seeing. Obviously we aren’t planning on hitting certain streets over and over but i don’t think over leafletting is something we have to worry about too much.

The second leaflet will also prompt people who see the first one and think ‘oh i must tell my nan about this’ and then forget.

It certainly won’t hurt to record where the leaflets are going so we can catch any blind spots just that realistically in a city as large as birmingham we’ll never cover it all and i don’t think we could over leaflet either.

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