Volunteer working group

For discussion of volunteer coordination

Hello volunteer working group consisting of myself, @Lai and @Mani.
In the meeting yesterday we decided to try and come up with a few key tasks to give to volunteers when we contact them.

My suggestions (mostly for after we’re operational):
-become a delivery driver (if you have a vehicle)
-help make food (chopping, cooking)
-help clean the kitchen
-help clean the cafe more generally
-monitor food requests/delivery forms
-help finance group with budgetting/getting quotes
-help write social media/blog posts/graphics
-help unpack and catalogue food deliveries
-take inventory of existing food stock
-send e-mails to relevant groups asking them to forward our message to their members/share on their social media
-source supplies
-help with press releases/media enquiries

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I also propose a volunteer rota to avoid people being superfluous and minimise contact with one another.

Roughly speaking people who NEED to be in the cafe space are only those doing cleaning, cooking and delivery (and also stock taking and taking deliveries but the latter should be done by staff). Therefore, I think something like this might make sense:
9am-10am - volunteer cleaners clean the kitchen up with supervision. 2-3 people.
10am-6pm - chef + 2-3 volunteers do cooking (possible room for one in, one out for cooking volunteers)
6pm-7pm kitchen clean up (could be same or different volunteers)

These are very rough times because I don’t know how late we’d like to do the service until. Perhaps a few days can be late shifts for evening deliveries.

Delivery drivers should have set times where they pick up a batch of food and go straight to deliver it. They shouldn’t be waiting around in the cafe.

We could have one person monitoring the orders via the website/e-mails and letting us know the areas and what people would like so that can be put together. This could be done remotely or we could have them sitting in the main part of the cafe alone and away from other volunteers.

Hey there,

I have create a template for an online volunteers database. As it will contain some personal information, I think it’s better not to share it here, so I will just give access to the volunteer coordination wg.

This post is a wiki with suggested volunteer roles and tasks:

  • become a delivery driver (if you have a vehicle)
  • help with food prep (chopping, cooking)
  • help clean the kitchen
  • deep clean the cafe
  • monitor food requests/delivery forms
  • help finance group with budgetting/getting quotes
  • help write social media/blog posts/graphics
  • help unpack and catalogue food deliveries
  • take inventory of existing food stock
  • send e-mails to relevant groups asking them to forward our message to their members/share on their social media
  • source supplies + donations + go shopping to wholesalers.
  • help with press releases/media enquiries
  • become part of the social media team (facebook, twitter, insta) 1 person per channel 1 post per day
  • get quote for insurance from real junk food project (no skills required)
  • ring round all reciepents so far from project to get feedback and signpost them to other services if they need them (renter support, union, nhs etc) + see if they want to volunteer remotely.
  • become part of the technology team – looking at website, phone lines, integration and also the delivery platform.
  • help set up the co-op cycle platform (interest in tech and platforms, no formal skills required)
  • diy mask making coordination
  • responding to volunteer emails and volunteer onboarding.
  • backroom
  • working in a team with people liaising with other groups / organisations across the city.
  • write a risk assessment for the project

hey Sean, I think we need to simplify roles for volunteers who are actually not willing to get more involved. Otherwise, it’s not efficient at all because most of the times you need someone else supervising or answering questions to the volunteer, and it’s as time consuming as doing the job yourself. So, we should encourage people to join working groups and get organised, and these should be more active. If they only want to volunteer, we should have kitchen, deliveries and backroom, and have a document with clear instructions.

So my suggestion is we try to reinforce the working groups (maybe redefine them according to the needs of the project?) and encourage people to join them. And we offer volunteering only within the three categories needed on a daily basis: kitchen, deliveries and backroom.

The suspense is killing me @Sergio

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haha, Idk what happened to my message!

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