Urgent meeting: Thursday 30th July - 18:30

We needed to call an urgent meeting to discuss some operation issues. More info to follow.



Coop Brum Meeting 2020-07-30

Present - Leo, Amelia

Solidarity Kitchen wind down Plan (in time order)

  • Agree date on Sunday (1st September?)
  • Inform (primarily leaflets and some phone/email) participants of date (1st September)
    • Signpost parps to other orgs
    • Write leaflet
    • Print leaflet
    • Deliver to kitchen
  • Effort to contact organisations which can help participants (AWS and others)
    • Joint session to write email - organise
    • Write email
    • Agreement on how to deal with response
  • Contact drivers/backroom/kitchen to let them know what’s going on (email)
  • Check in with Chef Paul about feasibility of Monday solidarity cafe proposal
  • Decide whether solidarity cafe could start from Monday 31st August
  • Write up press release/blog post for general public
  • Restart plan (if necessary)

ToDo to make this plan happen

  • Meeting this Sunday 2020_07_02 18:30 with this plan as main agenda point
  • A chef needs to be there (ideally Paul who can speak to the solidarity cafe proposal)
  • Feedback on the forum to the plan
  • Assign tasks to willing folks
  • Get drivers and backroom to help with this process