Tribuine Magazine: Solidarity Is the Answer to Coronavirus

Read it in a bit of a rush but it’s a good take, I think. I hadn’t even thought of the idea of ‘an injury to one…’ being a literal slogan for our times.

Also note how the state responses are still grasping at the straws of individual, behaviourist nudge politics: there is a pandemic, so 1. wash your hands and 2. don’t go on cruises.

It will be interesting to see whether it does later morph into full-on disaster nationalism or a social authoritarian swing. An upcoming translation of an Italian article by Eleonora Priori (due to be published in the next day or so on the Plan C site, and I’ll link when it is) is right I think to reject any connection between decisive action under a state of emergency and the state’s tendency to build social control. But afterwards we will have to assess the abuses of the powers pushed through in the next few weeks. Already elections have been pushed back a year, despite the line that the disease will rush through the stiff-upper-lipped population and leave us in the sunny uplands of herd immunity in no time flat.