Timeline for project to begin

We agreed to try and work out a timeline of what we’ll need before we can become operational. I’ll make a few suggestions here feel free to follow up.

We will need:
-health and safety/cleaning procedures ready
-supplies for cleaning and gloves (masks if we can find them) for volunteers
-at least two chefs available to supervise
-enough ingredients to begin preparing meals
-a good idea of what those meals will be
-heat-keeping equipment, cool boxes, meal boxes
-the food ordering form complete and functional through the website
-a designated phone number for the project (for those without internet/computer access)
-at least two delivery drivers available
-access to the money from the fundraiser or someone to front costs

  • hygiene and cross contamination protocol for delivery to vulnerable people (gloves, how to transport the food, how to leave the food, etc.)
  • Outreach underway in the form of social media at the bare minimum and, I strongly feel, a paper campaign as well
  • If we choose to use it, and I think it may save us headaches in future, we should have the CRM Leo mentioned up and running to manage contacts