Support Group/well-being group formation

In this thread I proposed a code of conduct to be adopted by Cooperation Birmingham: Code of conduct for coop brum activites

However, in order for this to be implemented we would need to form a support group or well-being group to help with the process if we had any issues or conflicts. In my eyes the main role of this group would be to have a familiarity with the code of conduct and what is stipulated there, be able to listen well and hold space for people who are having issues, being approachable in this regard and reporting to the rest of the group if they need to take things further.

The group would help with things like facilitating discussion between people in conflict, giving support and advice if requested and helping people feel taken seriously. Some background in mediation would be useful or counselling skills, experience working with people and a non-judgemental and patient approach.

If this sounds like something you’d be up for please respond on this thread! I’d also be up for more discussion on the group’s remit.