Some Coop Brum organisers in self isolation

Some of the key organisers of coop brum including myself have had to go into isolation due to proximity to some other friends who have the flu. Everyone is fine (including the friends with flu) but it’s hampering our ability to do some things we were planning. We are doing what we can from home.

There also some suggestions here for other things we can do in the meantime:

We managed to deliver some shopping to an elderly woman in Kingstanding today and are organising follow up support while her son is in self isolation.

Luckily (is that the right word?) we’re in the first phase when the acute need for physical work hasn’t yet taken off, eg there’s no mass need for deliveries presently. But the priority now is getting the strategy and infrastructure in place otherwise it will be very chaotic when there is that need :wink: and perhaps this is a good time to work on the internal democracy and forms of CB now people have a lot of time off work.

Of course we make the path by walking it, so we can’t expect to get it all planned out in advance. Take it easy.


Sadly our 12 year old son now has a fever and cough so we’re in lockdown for fourteen days so u able to offer much help. We’re surrounded by friends and have everything that we need. When we are able to do more will be in touch.

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No worries @JonMorris

Stay safe friend!