Social media volunteers needed!

We need to setup some social media for this project. Can anyone volunteer to manage either a Facebook, Twitter, Insta, page/account?

Hi @Lai,

I can help with that on all 3 platforms if needed. Please DM me and we can exchange details to get started if still needed!



Related but also going beyond that, we will need people to step up for media relations in general, by which I mean outreach to media outlets, going on podcasts, speaking to the news media, etc.

I’ll start listing media outlets and people we should target in another thread

I grabbed @coopbrum on Twitter.

Hi - is support still needed around any of this?
I work in communications so can support



We’re having a first meeting to put together a social media/comms team on Sunday at 5:30pm - see the separate thread. Please come along if you might be able to help out in this area :grin: