Social Media & Comms meeting Sunday 5:30pm

The few of us who’ve been doing the Coop Brum social media so far have organised a WhatsApp group for our hopefully-soon-to-be-growing team, and have added a couple of new interested members so far.

We’re going to meet for the first time an hour before the main organising meeting on Sunday, so at 5:30pm, to talk strategy, find out what we can each bring, share out work, etc. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in what we do on social media - actually this is the perfect time to get involved!

Post your suggestions below for what should be on our agenda. And send me a DM if you’d like to be added to the WA chat.

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Good to know that this working group is growing and working smoothly!

Could you discuss the possibility of adding to your tasks the maintenance of the volunteers mailing group and maybe writting a weekly email to volunteers informing of meetings, decisions, and things like that? This is in line with the proposed organisational structure, which hasn’t been approved yet but hopefully it will.

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Turns out there is a clash with another meeting for the two chefs who are in the social media group, so we’re postponing. Date to be decided.

maybe we could meet a little earleir before the sunday meeting

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OK we’ve agreed to meet at 5:30pm on Sunday :slight_smile:

Let’s put together an agenda. I’ll make this post a wiki so you can add and edit points yourself.


  • Introductions
  • Current state of social media
  • Collaborative social media calendar
  • How to get Twitter more active
  • Communicating about food donations
  • Daily stories with photo/clip from the kitchen
  • “Charity” and language of posts
  • Volunteers mailing list & weekly emails

Here’s the link for the meeting:


Cooperation Birmingham Social Media & Comms meeting 10/05/20

Present: Kae, Ciara, Dean, Sean, Seb



Current state of social media

- insta has lots of interactions.

- facebook is doing well but tailing off in terms of shares

Collaborative social media calendar

- kae has made calednar for scehduling which will be put into the whatsapp chat description.

How to get Twitter more active

- dean will help with this - ciara has passed deets over

Communicating about food donations

- we should do this more! chase loaf for photos already taken and generally make sure we big things up and make connections

Daily stories with photo/clip from the kitchen

 - agree to do more insta posts etc with daily menus whats cooking etc. 

“Charity” and language of posts

- try and be more non pc and include something political in posts if possible to put our message across. 

Co-operation Birmingham is a solidarity project. This means we aren't a charity

Volunteers mailing list & weekly emails.

- we don't have the capacity to do this unless we do this as part of a newsletter.