Safety advice/webinar session

Hi everyone.
I’m Ali and part of my work is to provide safety training to womxn and non binary folk through a platform called ROAAAR. As I’ve been helping out for a while I wanted to know if you would like a personal safety webinar which is designed for the drivers but can also be helpful to everyone. If so I would love some feedback around your main concerns and observations. I can do my best to draw on a few resources to put some training together for us that can be shared across our platforms.

Please pop comments below and I’ll get it moving


Thanks @alib, this is a great idea! I think we could probably organise a feedback meeting specifically for drivers where you can collect the main concerns.

It’d also be good to hear from the tech people what would be the most suitable platform to upload this webinar, taking into account not only funcionality but also ethical values aligned with the project @Carlos @Lai.

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Yes, I suggest we try for a Sunday if possible as it’s the only day we’re not out on delivery and hopefully those that drive can join the call. I may also perhaps use the rota and set up a whats app group to also gather some feedback as not everyone may be using the forum.

We’re also delivering on Sunday! The kitchen runs every day of the week. Sunday is the weekly organising meeting, but we could do it before that. Or maybe just set up a whatsapp group or we can use the mailing list to send an email around.

We could also use the newsletter to publicise the webinar once it´s uploaded, and it’d be nice if @alib can write a short piece (around 200 words) explaining the content and context of it.

Anyway, it’s up to you what’s the best way to get feedback. Just make a choice and let us know so we can support you if needed.

Perhaps if you could do the morning or early afternoon that would work for drivers? I assume most are furloughed or working remotely so they might have time to attend a session before leaving for deliveries at about 4. Or depending on the content and how interactive it is we could even record it. Sounds like a great idea though - we have had the odd safety incident with drivers here and there so this sounds very valuable


Love this idea as we have had some difficult situations for the drivers. We can’t control everything that will happen, of course, but I want to make sure everyone who drives knows we care about their safety and well-being.

I can’t drive so don’t do any of these types of shfits, mosting do logistics and backroom, but I think it will be relevant for us on backroom too because especially backroom 3 could be trained to remind and support drivers if they feel unsafe. :slight_smile:

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So sorry I’ve not finished this yet. I’ll make something to share very soon