Safeguarding Training for Mutual Aid Groups

I’m running a safeguarding session (using zoom) at 7pm this Tuesday.

Facebook event is here for those who use it

Mutual Aid Networks are being set up around the country to help support one another whilst the Covid-19 virus spreads.

This is a fantastic example of how wonderful people can be in a crisis. However, it’s important that these networks have good safeguarding practices so that they don’t result in further harm.

I’m leading a conference call training session going over the basics of safeguarding practices, specifically targeted at these mutual aid networks.

Louise has been providing safeguarding support for community organisations for over 10 years, working with both children and vulnerable adults.

This training will be open to all, a zoom link will be posted soon.

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This looks really useful thanks.

Hi @LDelmege , this will be super helpful I’m sure. I’d be interested to know what sort of safeguarding it is you plan to focus on - is it a food-based question of avoiding direct harm (there are hygiene concerns etc), or is it a question of safeguarding in the legal/institutional sense of (for instance) reporting abuse and concerns about vulnerable people?