Rough script for communicating Solidarity Kitchen changes 27.6.20

Rough script for communicating solidarity kitchen changes 27.6.20


If you can’t get through to someone, make a note of it and try again another time.

Ask they are doing and write any interesting info in the notes.

How are you doing?

Try to avoid recording too much personal infomation. Just an overview is fine.

Details of the change

Communicate to the recipient how the delivery schedule will be changing.

We are having to make some changes to the Solidarity Kitchen.

From Saturday 27th June (next Satuday), we will be changing the frequency at which we will deliver food. This is due to the reduced capacity of the project as people go back to work and the kitchen we use starting to reopen.

We’ll let you know if there are any further changes to the program.

Monday you will recieve food for both Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday will be meals as usual.

Thursday you will recieve food for both Thursday and Friday

Saturday you will recieve food for both Saturday and Sunday.

Does that work ok for you?

Record any problems with this new arrangement in the notes. Flag up any serious issues that may affect the recipients wellbeing.