Rota point of contact

Is there a / who is the point of contact for rota enquiries? I’m being quite frequently asked by volunteers if they can have this or that shift and I’m happy to put them down but I don’t want to interfere with any rota scheme that’s in place


Not to my knowledge. Seems like it could be a role in itself.

It’s one of the main points of friction we have identified. Me and @Carlos are working on a software solution but the we may need a social solution also.

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It is a bit of a problem at the moment. I think some sort of simple system that makes it easier to self-roster and ideally get reminders etc would be a great help. Alternatively, or perhaps even additionally we could probably use someone to do just volunteer admin (managing the database, getting bank details, rota stuff, all the other things which fall on the periphery of other roles and are quite annoying / easily missed), which might overlap with the onboarding stuff we’ve been talking about elsewhere