Requirements draft: volunteer management

After conversations with @Lai we have identified that we need a solution to ease the management of volunteers.

This is an early draft of the requirements for this software.


  • Have user and access management
  • Allow the CRUD (1) of resources (2)
  • Allow the CRUD of roles assignable to resources
  • Allow the CRUD of states assignable to resources (eg. to be contacted / confirmed / etc)
  • Allow the CRUD of “time slots” with different states assignable to resources
  • Visualisation of the time slots as a timesheet

(1) Create / Read / Update / Delete
(2) Volunteers will be managed as resources for the purposes of the solution (to avoid confusion between volunteers as users and volunteers as resources with their different roles)

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The first iteration of this project is already committed in the Cooperation Birmingham Github group, please request access on the following thread to contribute:

A CI/CD pipeline to Digital Ocean droplets have been established using webhooks from the GitHub repos so I guess commits to master branch should be restricted (gotta look into that).

Backend is deployed here:
Frontend is deployed here:

(Both URLs are temporary)