Registering a business for the media co-op

Hey all, just a heads up, as I explained there are requirements for the BSEEN courses to get the funding one of which is registering a business. I registered a CLG as a workers co-operative using the same rules as the warehouse cafe. Currently I’m the only director and it can stay dormant, but can be put into use perhaps when we have editors in place. I did this instead of a CBS as that was a requirement of the funding, but we might find a CBS is better in future depending on how we want to configure things.

I spoke to Karen, and the mail should be headed to the warehouse. It only cost me £17 (I’ve worked out how to register companies without Coops UK) here are the registration details: Cooperation Birmingham Media Limited

I’ve put this point on the weekend meeting agenda so we can discuss how I should approach it / if anyone wants to join the board