Recycling kitchen equipment and more!

Hi all! So my partner works at the University of Birmingham (in charge of the students’ residences maintenance) and there is always a huge amount of kitchen stuff, lamps, kettles, quilts etc left by students that wont come back. All these things are like new but due of the policies of the University they can’t be used again by new students. My partner created this kind of bank of things to be recycled instead of thrown out like a year ago and there are already a couple of charities collaborating but I was thinking that maybe you guys need some kitchen stuff for this project or know anybody that could need any of those things. There are a lot of things, some of them in bags in a room so we can’t really provide an inventory; the only possible way is going there with a car and take whatever you think can be needed. I think this can be useful if we know about somebody’s specific need, otherwise this can take ages to organice and distribute, and I don’t think is a priority right know ( like is delivering food and face masks). Thanks!


Thanks Rocío! I don’t know how well equipped is going to be our second kitchen, but we should keep this in mind just in case.

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Is there a link to the library?