Rad co-op food summit

There’s been a conversation happening on Twitter this morning that we were tagged in: https://twitter.com/CooperationTown/status/1256903942681833472

Cooperation Town said “We wanna suggest a rad co-op / autonomist summit! With all you lot + @coopbrum and anyone else doing similar work, to plan a community-led Covid exit strategy around food (but can also look at care, education, housing). Who’s up for it?”

Looks like the idea’s only been recently formed so no date yet. But comrades from Bristol, Sheffield, London & Newcastle wanting to do it. Is there anyone from Brum who wants to be involved in shaping that?


Yeah, sounds cool. Maybe I’ll contact Shiri as she’s likely one of the people behind it

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This sounds super cool! I’m not on twitter but I can see the conversation has kept going. Please post here if there’s a date decided for a summit, I’d like to join.