Publishing our health and safety protocols

I think we should publish all our safety protocols on our website so other groups can use them. They are kind of scattered around random Google docs right now.

I’m happy to put them on the website if people send them to me.

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Hey I hope to finish writing the guide properly tomorrow. I agree we should publish them but that means someone will need to help me review them and spelling and grammar check them. And then for us to agree on them in the meeting

I can proof read the stuff that’s already written (but don’t know enough to create any new content) so if you could send it over to me and let me know what time you need it done by I’ll get it sorted


I’ve now finished finding references and stuff so it’s ready to be checked :slight_smile:

Thanks @RileyQPZM for proof reading. This is the final version which I am proposing to be adopted and put in to practice as soon as possible - hopefully in our next meeting on Thursday, I think that’s it’s important if people try and stick to them operationally before that and review it when the decision happens rather than the other way round.

word doc :
pdf :

@sean_f links are dead!

That’s very frustrating. Thanks for checking it though :stuck_out_tongue: Health and Safety Protocol – Google Drive here they are via google

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I’ve just read it and it looks fantastic. Thorough, evidence-based and with clear implementation. Great job, Sean!

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I’ve updated the document one final time after talking to the chefs to include a bit more clarity on the teams (this is relevant for people working on the volunteer rota too!) and also about kitchen volunteers having a change of clothes.

@Lai would you be able to publish it asap? After it’s up me and you can work on an audio version.

As we’ve been recording an audio reading of these protocols, I will have to do a bit of editing to this text before we publish it.

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