Proposal to pay 900 pounds to The Warehouse Cafe towards repairs or new larder refrigerator

Cooperation Birmingham Funding Proposal
22nd September 2020

On Friday 18th September we paid for an engineer to check our main kitchen fridge after intermittent problems. He told us, unfortunately the compressor fan would need to be replaced and gas refilled. He suggested this would cost in the region of $8-900 (pounds, my pound sign isn’t working!) He recommended buying a new machine at a cost of 1-2 thousand pounds.

Following the use of the Warehouse Cafe kitchen during the five months operation of Solidarity Kitchen and its contribution to the success of the project. I propose:

A payment of $900 is made from the crowdfunded finance to The Warehouse Cafe to contribute towards the repair and/or purchase of a new larder fridge.


I support Paul’s proposal!

Just looked at the accounts and I definitely support some of the payment - we thought it was going to all go through as utlities anyhow so that is fine as far as I am concerned

Sorry everyone, it’s been some time since I did any accounts work or looked at the forum much so I missed this. We have nearly £3k unspent and only a few hundred (?) still to pay Fareshare - this needs following up - so we do have the cash for this.

It does emotionally feel like a big expenditure but I do think it’s a justified spend - first because we used cafe infrastructure for a long time virtually for free, and also because it is in our interests to support the cafe both as an ongoing part of local cooperation in its own right and also as a resource for other COVID responses as needed.

Does anyone have any strong feelings about whether to discuss and vote on this in a jitsi meeting (it’s been a while) or make a forum poll?

Hi all, Talk of a new fridge came up in The Warehouse Cafe meeting today. Could we add the proposal above to the next meeting for a decision. Thx

Hi Paul, I think the decision has been taken!

We already discussed this in a meeting, and we posted it here for over a month. All the comments have been favourable, and nobody has objections. So I feel like the decision-making process has been open and transparent enough.

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Picking this up again… since we all seem to be in favour, the only thing we need now is a quote (if we need to pay up front) or an invoice for the work if the cafe has / will have paid for it and needs reimbursing

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Thanks Ben, I’ll let the coop know at the meeting this morning and we’ll get back to you.