Proposal: Local food co-ops

Considering all of the proposals on the future of solidarity kitchen, I’d thought I’d throw one more into the mix.

Local Food Co-ops

There is a model already exisiting for local food co-ops based in residential areas. There used to be a food co-op in Stirchley a while back

Perhaps we could take a leaf out of Cooperation Town’s book and setup a local food co-op. I would propose starting on the Pershore Road in Selly Park.

Basically it involved flyering and door knocking until you have around 20 households. Then you have meetings to democratically decide who does which roles and what to buy in bulk, using whatever means are available, Fairshare, cash and carries, Suma etc. Households pay around £3 a week for their groceries. Use local spaces for storage and distribution.

The idea is to do community organising in our local areas. Instead of charity/council handouts we build our own working class institutions in our neighbourhoods that belong to us. We would learn how to make decisions together and support each other