Proposal: Hardship fund

Considering we have around £3600 in the fundraiser so far. Could we perhaps ear mark £1500 as hardship fund bursaries for individuals and orgs that need it? We could do a quick phone interview with them to ascertain needs and signpost them where needed and have the money to them in a day.

£50 bursaries for individuals
£100 bursaries for orgs

There are obviously some signification issues with this idea, just putting it down here for memory.

I’m down with this idea in principle but i think we need to work out the finance more first

I’m not against it, although i feel like we put a 5k target on it to launch the project, i think its ok to wait a bit until we can act and then use the money. If we can’t use it next week then sure.

Was the £5k target based on proper budgeting for the kitchen project? If so, then I say earmark the £5k for the kitchen (this is, after all, what people are donating for!) and use surplus for different things. I think there’ll be no shortage of money once we do more media stuff.

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