Proposal for Warehouse/SK joint meeting timeline creation

@Mani has mentioned to me that our comrade at the Warehouse have some plans on how to start up their business again in the coming months. Of course, this is something we were all expecting at some point as they need to be able to keep things going now that the economy is re-opening.

This will affect things for the solidarity kitchen’s operations, one way or another, so I think it is worth discussing together and working things out. Mani has suggested creating a timeline together of when the cafe expects to do certain things and what the kitchen’s needs are/what our future plans are.

It would be useful if Warehouse cafe staff members could encourage their colleagues to attend this. I am creating a poll which all should try to participate in as to when the meeting should happen:

  • Sunday 14th June
  • Friday 19th June
  • Saturday 20th June
  • Sunday 21st June

0 voters

I can add more options I just don’t know what days work for anyone

@Dylan I would just set a day. I’m sure some of us will be able to make it.