Proposal: backroom zero role

@Carlos came up with the idea that we ought to have a backroom zero role 1-2 times a week. Their responsibilities would including finding people to fill the rota shifts, chasing up all repeats and confirming any ‘maybes’.

This could take place on a Sunday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon, would be my suggestion. This would mean a few hours each week could be dedicated to the task unambiguously. The task could also be done by more than one person if wanted.


I really like this idea.

I’m not convinced by the idea tbh… It seems a bit arbitrary to have two backroom zero shifts per week. Take as an example the current status of the rota. We need plenty of participants for the next days, including tomorrow. However, there’s no backroom 0 scheduled until Thursday…

In my opinion, this responsibility should be coordinated within the Participants Coordination working group. We need to work on populating wgs and making them work semi autonomously though…

hopefully it would settle down after a while though with it being done properly. I think the immediate problem needing to be solved is a different issue to having a regular slot.

@DanL is up for doing a regular Sunday shift.
Thursday could be the day where next weeks recurring shifts are copied over so that there is consistency about that and they are double checked.

I guess to revise this I wonder if we could have something similar to the backroom support role in addition to the two shifts? So somebody who would be responsible for checking the rota is full for the next few days, sorting out last minute shift changes, getting people sorted at short notice if required. At the moment this responsibility often falls on backroom support which I don’t think is really what I personally am signing up for and makes my day more stressful. I think some days the rota support could have basically nothing to do but at least would have the idea in their mind that it’s their responsibility and any cancelled shifts or changes can be reported and actioned by them that day. I would even be willing to take this on once a week if I knew it’d only be my responsibility on that day no other days.

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