Pie chart for public finances

It’s my opinion (raised in the last meeting and I think people generally agreed) that we should make a publicly visible, simplified summary of our income and expenditure. I appreciate there are risks involved but I think we can lead on transparency. In general I think it would contribute to the argument for mutual aid autonomic organising against charity / state cooptation.

What do people think about having two simple pie charts on the website, one for income and one for expenditure?

Something like this https://www.svidget.io/examples/piechart

I think this would be a great way to display it.

This is underway so I’ve passed it over to outreach: https://testing.forum.cooperationbirmingham.org.uk/t/finance-summary-for-the-public/260

Me and @Insideout discussed having a link to live updated charts about out finances to increase transparency.

When we have something, we’ll put a link on the website donate page.

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Exciting! Hope this works out

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