Passed: Use CB Open Collective to fundraise for a comrade facing possible prison time

I would like to propose a *Large Decision with a Deadline of Wednesday 8th November 2023 (3 days away).

The reason for the short deadline is that Ash and other comrades are travelling up to Glasgow on the 19th of November for the trial and we need time to seek donations.


Ash has been involved in an action for Palestine solidarity involving a Elbit Systems factory that directly supplies components to the Israeli military. Ash was arrested due to this action and face charges at Glasgow Crown Court that may result in going to prison. The court case will take a least a week and Ash and their support group will have to travel to Glasgow and support themselves and miss work etc.


I would like to propose that Co-operation Birmingham supports our comrade Ash by setting up a “Project” on our OpenCollective (here is an example Project) to raise money to support Ash and their support crew during the period of the trial. I expect they will spend it on transport, food and other living costs.

I would also like to propose that Co-operation Birmingham (CB) donate £150 from it’s main pot of money to the fundraiser as a gesture of solidarity.

The goal of the fundraiser will be £700 based on previous experiences.


A Project is separate from our main OpenCollective in terms of money. It is just administrated by the same organisation so people can donate to Ash’s fund without becoming CB members (though hopefully our gesture of support may encourage them to.

The finance admin volunteers has already agreed to help and I will do the tech admin of creating the page.

The raised funds will be transferred to a personal bank of Ash or another comrades and spent using a separate debit card where the bank details can be audited if ever needed though the only people to access the money will be comrades trusted and vouched for by CB members.

This proposal could help lay the ground work for a permanent member defence fund within CB if that is what members want.


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Thanks for putting the proposal together. I’m happy with the small £150 donation from our central funds and for using our financial capacity for solidarity work like this.

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Yep good idea and happy to support. Once Ash’s trial is concluded I also propose that we look at the income and set up a permanent legal defence fund for the future

This passed! Will implement.