Passed: Symbiotic support for union struggles and BTUC


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We agree:

As part of our strategy to use our resources to support working class struggles in the city, we aim to amplify workers struggles where we can and make our co-operative infrastructure available and useful where possible. As part of this we recognise, that although we are not an organisation which directly engage in union activity, infrastructure such as soup kitchens, organised care and creches and access to land and accommodation are often key in supporting strikes and labour struggles, access to resources like this can often be make or break for strikes and the communities around them.

Our members have provided food to picket lines in the city in the past and we will continue this practice and others which are needed and work with Birmingham Trade Union Council to make this possible. Recently our organisation donated £200 to the Porters strike at Heatlands Hospital. A strong and grassroots union movement means our communities have more power, better wages and we are able to look after ourselves better.

We resolve to:

  1. Have a default solidarity with strikes and union activities where they generate class power in our city.
  2. Use our resources where possible to support and amplify strikes.
  3. Work in partnership with Birmingham Trade Union Council as the coordinating body of union struggles in the city.

This proposal has passed unanimously. I will pass on the message of support to BTUC and ask them to get in touch if they are aware of union struggles which need active support of this kind.