Passed: Formalising membership with Open Collective


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Open collective is a co-operative payments/finance platform which allows for people non incorporate organisations like ourselves to have a bank account via a ‘fiscal host’, it allows for monthly subscriptions, one off payments and invoicing and openly accounts for this.

It would be a way in which we could easily set up a regular payment system for members and also for easily actioning payment for items which are purchased on behalf of one of our sub projects like the solidarity kitchen.

This video is a great explainer:

We adopt a sliding scale of membership to allow for people on low incomes to be subsidised by those more financially able.


  • We move our finances to open collective via an appropriate fiscal host
  • We have a sliding subscription scale for membership
  • Membership is open and voluntary and follows co-op principles

Examples of OpenCollective:

Fiscal host:

More info:

Note to find out more info about financial security.

This proposal has passed unanimously. The next step is to move forward with creating the open collective for the cafe

  • Answering the question about financial security
  • Finding an appropriate fiscal host
  • Creating a sliding subscription scale for membership
  • Implementing a membership scheme via is open and voluntary and follows co-op principles

The open collective is now live: