Participants meeting 26/05/20 @ 6.30pm

We are planning to hold a meeting for all people currently involved in making our solidarity kitchen happen! This will, of course, take place online via an online meeting platform called Jitsi (which is an open source Zoom equivalent).

Here we can all meet each other, for the first time or once again, say hello and check in on how everyone is doing. We can also bring any issues, suggestions and thoughts about daily operations of the project and how we can improve things. This is a great time to reflect on what is going well, what is not working so well and come up with solutions :slight_smile:

Meeting link will be this: Jitsi Meet

Please mute your microphone when you’re not speaking so that we don’t get any background noise. You can do this by clicking the microphone symbol at the bottom of your screen. We also use the ‘hand raise’ feature which is a little hand icon on the bottom left of your screen on laptops and PCs and an option under settings on mobile.

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The following questions have already been raised by volunteers recently; maybe it would be good to discuss these at this meeting?

  • more guidance around folding down the outer bag for deliveries - lots of people take both bags; should we be more proactive in instructing them; also what if they are not in, should the bag still be folded if it is left outside?
  • it seems problematic to pick up cleaned containers and keep them in your car till the next shift due to hygiene etc
  • should drivers be counting their meals before leaving the cafe - it’s good to do because reduces the chance of not having enough but on the other hand should avoid touching the stuff unnecessarily.
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A few backroom people have mentioned to me that it’s helpful having chat groups set up the night before their shifts. I do this when I’m on participant support because 1) it reminds everyone so we get fewer last minute problems 2) people can ask questions, 3) they are helpful for communications on the day.

I do three groups: just backroom, kitchen + backroom and drivers + backroom.

This could perhaps be replaced with a different platform to WhatsApp (it is annoying for me to have to spend 15 mins setting up new groups and adding everyone to my contacts) but I think the general idea is good. If participants in the meeting support the idea I propose we promote it as standard practice for coordinators.

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