Organising meeting Tuesday 14th 6.30pm

All welcome and encouraged to join.

Jitsi link:

Agenda (please edit, post is a wiki):
-round up of progress on APs
-any issues arising in operations (Holiday Inn delivery, routing app traceability)
-volunteer rota/tasks (kitchen part time roles, cleaning part time roles,
-email management
-finance update/fuel spreadsheet

  • decision-making process and transparency

Unfortunately I can’t come myself so this is my finance report:

Julia has made some charts etc for publicly displaying the finances… hopefully I will finish them tomorrow and then they can go on the website. In response to Leo’s question about whether there is a public place to publish them, I think we should right away publish them in the public section of the forum, and also make a place on the website for them.

There were some security issues delaying withdrawal with Gofundme but all sorted now. Next withdrawal will be in 1 week but we have plenty of money until then

Last week’s account update is on the forum under the accounts spreadsheet thread in the finance WG. Further to that, this week we have so far spent about £60 for last week’s driving, and about £750 for 2wks of ingredients and supplies (invoice from 2nd to 9th April)

There was a query about how much money the cafe has to spend, my position is that we have a lot of money and have only spent a small portion of it so we shouldn’t hold back unnecessarily!

I haven’t yet received answers to my finances questions sent to the cafe (budgeting, wages, utilities)

I personally support some form of supporting volunteers whether by paying for bike maintenance or paying for public transport (I’d prefer taxi over bus for kitchen hygiene reasons)