Organising meeting Thursday 9th 6.30pm

Our next organising meeting is this coming Thursday 9th of April at 6.30pm. Anyone interested in organising with us is welcome to drop by (virtually).

This is a wiki, you can edit and add agenda points below.

-round up of progress on APs
-any issues arising in operations
-making the backroom support role rotate
-kitchen coordinator
-feedback from volunteer meeting
-proposal: asking the council to donate food to us via TAWS
-volunteer rota/tasks
-finance update/fuel spreadsheet

  • key worker letter

My apologies, I will be in a transcontinental Zoom Seder with the American family

At the last meeting I had an AP to email the cafe which I haven’t done yet, but I should do it tomorrow.

If the volunteers in question can make it to the meeting I would be interested to get feedback about using Routific and whether the new dispatch procedure is clear enough

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Sorry I can’t make this! Will be on another call.

Only thing I have is this thread Tech/workflow issues that we've observed

Just wondering if anyone has identified anything else, could post it on there. This fits in to agenda point number 2.

I’d also just like to thanks everyone on the volunteers working group. It was an area of worry for me but it is going so great.

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Hi, is there a link to the meeting? thanks!

oops, just seen it.