Organising meeting Sunday 3rd May 6.30pm

The chefs asked if we could keep Sunday evening as our weekly meeting time, and since it was pretty well attended the last two weeks, I think we can stick to this for now.

If you would like to dicuss something, post it in this thread and we’ll include it in the agenda. You can still add issues to the agenda even if you think you’re not gonna be able to attend the meeting. However, if that’s the case make sure that you provide enough information about the topic (just a few lines, not a dissertation) or speak to someone else and ask them to raise the issue. If you don’t feel comfortable writing and you don’t know anyone who will attend the meeting, feel free to send me a private message and we can arrange a phone call or similar.

Link to meeting:

Link to agenda:

Maybe someone mentioned already but we had a question about whether we can take back the plastic tubs from recipients to be reused?

The question of how to archive actioned voicemails came up today. Currently it seems some people archive in sipgate, some archive the email notification (and some probably do both… or neither). Swings and roundabouts really but we just need to discuss and agree which to go with. From memory I think the process says to archive both but I think it would be best to do just one to eliminate the risk of conflicts

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BVSC / Neighbourhood Network voicemail

Press contacts

Agenda draft for the meeting (feel free to add more points!):

  • Previous AP: start discussion on organisational structure/participation on the forum + café code of conduct on the thread
  • Quick updates from working groups (kitchen, volunteer coordination, backroom, )
    Tacking back plastics tubs from recipients to be reused
    How to archive actionated voicemails
    Provide refreshments/fruit
    Health and safety protocol in the kitchen
    Routific extension
  • BVSC / Neighbourhood Network voicemail - Ben
  • Press contacts (BBC?) - Ben
  • 10th May electrical shutdown

Hello! Could we put Routific on the agenda please, as we are nearly at the end of our free month and it would be good to continue the service if possible.


There is also a proposal to meet an hour early for those interested in discussing how we will engage with the BBC WM when they come to film on Tuesday and what our media messaging should be.

I would add also it would be good to discuss making a document of our organisational principles and aims.