Organising meeting - Sunday 23rd August - 18:30


Coop Brum meeting 23_08_20


Sean, Leo, Amelia, Paul, Ben


Wrapping up sol kitchen

Event Feedback


Sending out one more leaflet



If all goes to plan, we will have a surplus of £650 after expenses will be paid.

S - Is there possibility of rent relief from foe?

P - There is paper debt from warehouse cafe for rent to foe. Not clear but foe may write it off.

S - Bit worried that we are paying rent twice to foe.

P - To speak to Karen about this and seek clarity. P to post anything we learn on the forum.

Wrapping Up

P - Fairshare need to be notified. Feeback and contact from the volunteers.

L - Possibility of a feedback form or with more effort, a online event.

A - Diffcult to get feeback from recipeits. Parps should be easier.

S - This could be done after we stop deliveries.

P - Lots of interesting stories to be heard.

Consensus to wait till next week to design feedback plans.

P - Three people who are interested in finding finance for Solidarity Cafe.

L - The cafe part of it is quite hard to visualise right now and the posiblities of doing deliveries may be difficult.

Consensus to wait till next week to further discuss the Solidarity Cafe.

B - If we could divert some grant funding into CoopCycle to deliver the food, it would be really effective.

Sending out one more leaflet

Leo and Amelia to team up on content.

A - Aim for Wednesday delivery with some spare. 70 for individual bags. 36 drivers are going to hand out per stop. 20 spare.

A - 100 printed out.

A - If anyone has any ideas for where we could send people, let A or L know!

B - We can use map

Event Feedback

P - 16 down to come on Wednesday. Gazebo frame in the garden. Could we send a message those 16 people to let them know about outside event and to dress accordidly.

S - Pandemic brings about stress that didnt exist before.

P - Lesson learned. We need contigency. Thanks for feedback.

A - We should have had a collective plan for the situation.

Amelia to send out an email to people attending to be prepared for outside.

L - perhaps we could remind people to social deistance at start

S- Weather forcast is ok for Wednesday

S - Radical architecture for collective safety.

P - Contact Dlyan about getting fairshare details.

Next Meetin

Sunday 6th September so we can take a break.

An update on the finances: I’m afraid we are back looking at breaking even again because I forgot to account for July’s utilities somehow.

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