Organising meeting Sunday 14th June 6.30pm

Hey all, an update from yesterdays meeting.
We mainly talked about strategies for transitioning the project to long term post lock down activities. We tentatively agreed a few things including aiming to move to doing deliveries and associated backroom work every other day (slots we’ve really been struggling to fill), and the kitchen would then have the flexibility either to cook everyday and store the food for delivery the next day and or double up shifts on delivery days - if anyone from kitchen is up for having a chat about the logistics with people in the backroom then go for it! We also agreed that we didn’t need to give reciepients menu options as we are already aware of their dietary requirements and this takes a lot of backroom energy. Double cooking shifts might also give the kitchen empty days to do things like warehouse cooking, deep cleaning or BLM prep etc etc.

notes sunday 14th co-op brum meeting minutes

Present: Sergio, Leon, Amelia, Dylan, Kae, Sean, Nina

feedback round

  • general thoughts about lack of energy in backroom and coordiation and there is a lack of passing on

  • people agree that there needs to be some element of change

  • suggestion about how to transisitoin to other modes like co-op cycle and deliveries etc.

  • suggestion that co-op cycle could be subisdies to ensure delivery heavy side of things is taken up by other people.

amelia - suggestions for now. we can try to figure out ways to make things easier in terms of the backroom shifts etc.

nina - question? what do you tihnk of setting up a time frame to take a pause.

sean- think its important that thinks keep rolling in some form so that the project has some more life and can transfer into some other form of organisation.

ameila - backroom would be made easier by having every other day

sergio - something needs to change during this meeting due to capacity issues

dyl - report from ciara is that capacity issues in kitchen are currently fine

  • suggestion to do every other day (double deliveries) as a proposal

some issues

  • would be difficult for kitchen doing every other day?

  • might be able to get around this by doing less meals so both can be cooked in one day.

  • one option is that we could give flexibitliy to the kitchen about whther they double up or cook every day and leave portions in the fridge.

  • can see this happening from next week or so

  • how much notice do we need from this? what would we do this week.

  • we could do meals which don’t need heating so that we could drop the backroom on certain days in the coming week

  • can br 1 and 2 be put together? so that there is less of it


  • not calling people with choices change on protocol (dylan)

  • talk to kitchen about changing deliveries to every other day (dylan)

  • onboarding people to start talking about changes with people and helping them tranisiton to new volunteering shifts merge Bckroom 1 &2;

  • backroom 0 to communicate new shift participant this pattern - Mon - Weds - Fri - Sun

  • Coordinators to help transition the recipients

  • rewrite protocols to merge Backroom 1&2 and to take account of every other day meals

Discussion of how soon we could implement the changes agreed above, need to speak to chefs (mid week) to discuss the technicalities of going down to every other day (Dylan); approve it in meeting Sunday in normal meeting.

Following on from this meeting which unfortunately I couldn’t come to - we need to have a plan for communicating with recipients, even if at this first stage it’s just explaining that we won’t be ringing them daily with options. Going to every other day is fine in the long run but it will be a big effort to inform every recipient - probably a day’s work