Organising meeting 31 January 2021

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Mani’s proposal
Mani: have started a programme - 3 days of activity sketched out. Need to find people to run workshops and artists. £1000 funding from Coop Midlands and Cooperative Education. Have a rough calculation of costs. If we pay staff (10 people 1 hr/week £10/hr) could cost up to £7000, volunteer £4000. Still considering Covid safety implications, e.g. may need ticketing for every event to ensure proper seating can be arranged. Applications for funding all state that event may need to be moved, will take a check-point over the summer.
S: where is the planning taking place? Last meeting there wasn’t a programme, now there is. M - will put on forum, especially if it’s a Cooperation Birmingham thing.

Vote for motion to do festival under Cooperation Birmingham banner: 6 for, 0 against, 1 abstention. Forum post Proposal: CoopBrumFest - vote

Current draft programme:

Next programming meeting for the Festival is Tuesday 2 Feb 6pm. Mani to load all information to forum under new category Festival

Half term cooperation with Northfield Food Service
A - meeting with Olly Monday 1 Feb to discuss what Northfield are doing over half term. Wanted some idea what we can and can’t commit to as will need to be organised before next official meeting.
C - we should cook all week. Can we deliver? A: we don’t have the backroom, or the list of people to deliver to. S: we currently do through Northfield because of that. C: then we should see if we can persuade Northfield. A: Indeed.

social media
6 people at the first social media meeting. Now moved from WhatsApp to Signal group, and have access to all the accounts. Aiming to do one post a week. Post on porters at Heartlands Hospital has gone onto Facebook. Newsletter - perhaps aim for half term to do a newsletter.

S still working on it, looking to get printing done and thinking about a design.

solidarity cafe
We have got more funding, grant from Central England still in progress. Another grant to be used on equipment e.g. taps, fridge and a thing. The money enables us to get a good fridge rather than a low-quality one.
B: we may still be waiting for an invoice for the fridge - haven’t paid any money. C: we haven’t bought the fridge yet so no invoice.

Sergio put us forward for some fudning with his supervisor - did we hear anything about it? S: no still waiting to hear.

C: proposal to send the Junk Food project £100 - all in agreement, B to arrange.


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