Organising meeting 3 January 2021 18.30

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  • Northfield food service @Loreid
  • Ways to spend funds


Actions from last meeting

  • Amelia to ask Ciara about pictures
  • Amelia to contact participant

Airtable - Amelia working on action list. Will put link on the forum.


  • We have people lined up for the 7th.
  • proposal is to move to more community-based/mutual-aid model
  • Ben: are we at capacity or coudl we do our own thing? Amelia: we could distribute to more than one project but we don’t have backroom and driver capacity to do our own disctribution - we burned out last time.

Ben: food for schools, some sort of food pack for collection. If people are not sending kids to school that increases the pressure on in-home meals. Change our narrative, make it more about community organising to provide what families are currently having to do.

Amelia: we need to sort out distribuition/messaging

Sean: let’s ask participants what they would want. Sean to draft - Amelia to send.

In terms of Northfield, will assume we are sending food to them this Thursday, and ongoing until we decide to transition out. We will need to review Northfield to check it is doing something good for us/is in the direction we want it to go.

How to spend money

£1000 for buffer
Approved £200 to the Unison porters as per Leo’s idea

We will be able to find something to do with the money with the schools issues at the moment.

Solidarity cafe

Paul has now moved to London. Cecile still here, and Sean has been asked to be the other signatory on the CIC. Sean happy to be, and review feasibilty of the Solidarity Cafe project (not until Warehouse cafe is up and running again).

Leo: need to park it for now - so far off when it can be done. Could be 6 months before it could launch.

Sean: Cecile and Karen did a funding application to Central England Coop Supermarket. Sean to look at the form to find out what conditions are attached.

Sean to sign up to the directorship.

Coop structure

Leo thinks we need one. We all agreee.

    Leo is messaging Ella NOW.
    We should provide advice to BRASS about becoming a coop, if there’s an opportunity.

social media

  • documenation of northfield
  • document co-op cycle


  • Sean: neckerchief/square of printed cloth.
    Leo can set up e-commerce