Organising meeting 28 February 2021 18.30

Please comment any agenda items below or edit the post to add them (the post is a wiki)

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AGM and festivities
AGM - Amelia emailed hold the date to all participants, Sean did an advert, no agenda or programme yet. Sean has some items on the forum.

  • Item 1: Incorporation - do we need to, who will be the members, who will be involved, do we need to formalise the structure?
  • Item 2: motion to support trade union struggles
  • Item 3: Future direction - continue doing Northfield? What about the other things we were interested in doing e.g. Cycle Coop?
  • Item 4: our relationship to other coops
  • Item 5: decisionmaking process - how do we make and formalise decisions?
  • Item 6: What is our goal, what are we working towards? What is our “thing”?
  • Item 7: Finances - appraisal of what we’ve done and what we want to do + work out what we’re doing with the bank account.

Amelia - are people going to turn up to the AGM?

Sean - Sergio says that the Barcelona group is available to do a panel at the AGM. Suggestion to get someone from Cooperation Town to talk.

Amelia - suggest that we have half the time to look at strategy and half to look at more concrete proposals.

Sean and Sergio - runnings of the day.

Sean will talk to the kitchen re: eating together. If they need any participants, let Amelia know and it will be organised.

Ben to look at finance and see what to put forward to the AGM. One idea is to approach the Red Gym to see if they want to be a subgroup of Coop Brum - that would open things up to online memberships.

Needs a cover, but all the articles are there. Once it’s ready, need to send a copy to Northfield Food Service and ask if they will distribute it. We will distribute through our own channels in any case.

Festival update
Update from Mani on the forum: Coop BrumFest! Proposal to host a festival in Sept