Organising meeting 20 June 2021 18.30

Please comment any agenda items below or edit the post to add them (the post is a wiki)

Meeting link -


  • Festival
  • Media co-op august / September launch
  • Media co-op registration
  • Media co-op event next wednesday
  • members forum section - open or private?
  • Sol / idarity cafe situation

We just had a brief chat as there were only a few of us there.

Brief mention of what to do with the CB signal chat as the majority of people on there are inactive / not members

After the visioning session there is a bit more of a consensus on the mutual desire to clarify the separation of SC and CB. @Lai to draft a statement and put it on the CB forum for discussion.

We have a handful of people paying money on the Gocardless who are essentially outside the Open Collective membership record. @ben to email them and encourage them to cancel their Gocardless mandate and become a member via OC instead - this is done

Festival plans are coming along but with few meetings lately.
@Lai to email the members’ list to invite people to come to the next festival meeting

No-one present to expand on the media co-op agenda items

@ben to make a proposal about different relationships that external projects and organisations could have to CB (to encourage people to buy in without ending up with ambiguous situations like with SC)

Discussion about Athletic Community Action Birmingham - AGM is coming up and @ben will be proposing a formalised relationship with CB based on the previous framework.

Anything I missed @Mani / @Lai?

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Hey sorry I couldn’t be there.

To expand on the media items:

  • It would be good to have a time line for the launch and for hiring people. Hopefully some of that will become clear during the event tonight but the next step is to begin thinking about hiring and how to go forward with it.
  • I wanted to talk about the registration and clarify what was going on with it and outline a plan for how it can be handed over in future, also what the £500 can be put towards in terms of start up.