Organising meeting 20 December 2020 18.30

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  • Northfield Food Service - January and beyond
  • Restarting social media working group @Lai
  • Finance update


Meeting 20.12.20

Present: Ben, Amelia, Leo, Sean

Facilitator: Amelia
Minutes: Leo


Check in

Everyone all good.


Northfield Food Service - January and beyond

  • Northfield are taking break over Christmas. Then doing up to 7th Jan 2021. Then looking to tranisition into some sort of cafe model perhaps.
  • What do we want our relationship to be with the project in the future?

S: It’s good to be part of a broad coalitiion. Not 100% sure of continuing the model long term.

Amelia went to the meeting. It was practical and big matters were not concerned. Those conversations were happening not in those meetings. Let’s see if news comes to us before the next meeting.

We agree to do Jan 7th and then see where we’re at.

S: It’s easier to just give people food. Northfield is quite far from us.
Two parts of it:

Collecting people’s stories. Photos, video, podcast etc.

Either one decicated person or a team that works really well.

Leo and Amelia to contact key people who have been doing work on the Northfield such as kitchen, drivers, chefs etc. Maybe speak to Ollie. Aim to put out an article and a podcast (possible chat with Ollie) by the new year.

We also didn’t document our CoopCyle endevaour.

Amelia to help put content on the website.

Put the solidarity kitchen videos on the website.

Sean to plan if we could create content for long term trickle out social media posts for the next year. Sean will have a brainstorming session that will be advertised on the forum and a spreadsheet to record possible posts.

Leo and Amelia to contact participants who said they would be interested in social media.

Success in this would look like some sort of detailed public report of what we are doing and then some reawakening of the social media.

Finance update


A bit of a surplus in the bank. Could think about new projects

Outgoings and limited. A few invoices we haven’t recvieced yet. Donations coming in through Northfield activites.

BRASS collaboation

Leo - Haven’t had the chance to meet with Ella from BRASS yet. Will try and do it in the next couple of weeks.

Could use some money to register as a coop? Also we should open a collective bank account.

S: maybe have something like enamel badges for people to have who have volunteered. A+B agreed

Action Ben: put a post on the forum asking people for ideas on what to spend on.
Action Sean: look into badges

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