Organising meeting 14 March 2021 18.30

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  • Kitchen update
  • Solidarity Cafe
  • AGM and Festivities
  • Northfield Food Service update
  • Backroom capacity

Present: Sean, Amelia, Seb, Olivia, Ben

  • deliveries for next couple of weeks while northfield is on a break
    While Northfield is closed we are sending food to the Sharehouse. Would be good to chat at AGM about the role of the kitchen, would like to stay mutual aid, not slide into charity.

  • solidarity cafe
    Seb: have been writing the business plan for the Solidarity Kitchen Cafe CIC. Transforming the kitchen into a solidarity cafe on Mondays when lockdown is over. Business case aimed at getting funds from funding bodies. Hoping to start 21 July. Needs to be discussed at AGM. Sean will show Seb where to post on forum and Seb will post the business case before the AGM.

  • AGM agenda,
    Sean and Sergio have been working on AGM (27 March 2021, starting 4.30 or 5pm). Event in afternoon with talks from Cooperation Town and Sans Barri Cooperative in Barcelona - both more established than us. Someone from Cooperation Birmingham will facilitate. Can record and put on Youtube. Then break and dinner - cook on Thursday and collect Thursday/Friday to eat together. After that AGM with proposals.

  • proposals
    Sean has put one on the forum - supporting union struggles: AGM Proposal: Symbiotic support for union struggles and BTUC
    The page with all proposals is: AGM list of proposals

Would be good to have a proposal about the Solidarity Cafe
Also discuss how we want to interact with other Coops
Decisionmaking process - poll on the forum?
Finance update - should be more open? an option is to use OpenCollective which is an open finance tool and sign up as a direct debit donor (could become a member).

Seb: notes that organising the kitchen puts him at maximum capacity, cannot take on more, including Solidarity Cafe on Monday.

  • ann/ junkfood

  • Northfield update
    Northfield is pausing and will restart at Easter.

  • backroom capacity
    Backroom capacity is going down - currently have 2 people only, both work in daytime, Amelia about to move to a longer-hours job, so not as much capacity. Olivia and Amelia will have a conversation offline. Gap remains to have someone who can troubleshoot on Thursdays, as all work full-time.

Ben: Meal to treat ourselves and Northfield once lockdown is done. Sean: would be good to do but after the 12th when restaurant meals outside are permitted.

question about how to co-operatre with orther