Open meeting Saturday 28th march 5pm

Ideas for agenda here! This post is a wiki so anyone can edit it.


Trial run feedback

Operational wg proposal

@Leo - Working group to include all those involved in delivery operation: kitchen, delivery and backroom (maybe cleaners too). Just a name change and a clearer vision of that group’s purpose. Own chat group to be setup. Signal I guess? (What platform do we use for our chat groups?)

When the service will run, what days, when deliveries will be

How to order/ordering mechanisms

@Leo - I won’t update on CoopCycle app progress here. Will just make a thread on forum instead. Progress is being made. We’re just waiting on Stripe now and one bug to be fixed by the developers. Estimated to launch on Friday. It would require quite a bit of training for Operations Working Group. Only me and @sean_f can do that really.



Extra Notes

Thinking point: Charity vs Solidarity

@Leo queue provocative questions:
Is what we are creating just another charity or service among many?
Where is the organising potential?
How can we link to other food relief based organising efforts?
Are there are area we can be organising in?

My suggestion is media - podcast, video, radio, zine

There isn’t anyone doing that.


Link to meeting here: