Open meeting Friday 3rd April at 7.30pm

Agenda here, please edit as this post is a wiki:

-review of operations so far
-coopcycle app
-capacity/ability to expand: Allocating meals when demand is above capacity
-engagement with council (S Morgan, lunch service query)
-volunteer rotas
-email box coordination
-mask making
-flyer making

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Sorry I can’t make this. Have to call with my family.

Only things I am bring to the table are already on the forum:

Proposal: CoopCycle delivery platform

What is the Solidarity Kitchen’s operating hours?

Working groups forum access

Using Linphone as our SIP phone app

Also a note that I will be recommanding a different SIP phone app soon called Linphone and will updating the instructions here: HOWTO: Using the coop brum SIP phone as backroom