Notes from Social Media meeting 25.01.21

present: Pat, Kate, Sean, Craig, Nick, Leo

thoughts about media content:
-some kind of text which accompanies a good photo to link people to the story of the food
-double effect of covid and govt is that we are getting isolated from each other. any kind of networking is good so that we become less isolated - if we feel that then people we are providing for will feel this even more so.

  • some way of providing feedback
  • check if paul did get feedback, see what we can find out from northfield in terms of feedback on the service, how does it relate to pandemic and their experiences.
  • check with northfield how they are recieving and publisicing feedback and expereiences of the food.

question who are we appealing to - we discussed this and there is a mixture of people who the our social media appeals to - noted that the main category we are missing is recipients. Social media tends to be very popular but mainly amongst the type of people who volunteer or support the project already. Discussion that not everyone wants/can read blog posts so simpler things like infographics and straight forward content are good too.

newsletter article ideas -

  • kids meals crisis - what this means for our communities
  • projects like this need to be heard, these stories don’t get enough coverage
  • simple stories about peoples expereinces as participants or recipients of the project
  • story about the IRL cafe
  • not us them,

dividing up work so that people do different things. find out what peoples strengths are so wthat we can work out what our target audiences are.

Agreements in terms of contributions:

kate: happy with all platforms
Leo : website and twitter and some editing
Craig: story writing, infographics - some days off
Nick G: facebook and twitter
Pat: creating content

Good to have a consistewe shouldn’t say this on the phone but our options for escalating are inviting other branches to contibute to the tone. hard to work this out alone. someone communicates something put’s it in group (the original content), someone writes this into a few sentences and then hand it on to jazz it up + image.

: Kate get photos - how many meals and how many volunteers, how long, what it is etc all useful info

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